Is saving the life of animals your passion?
Join Vet Emergency and make a difference!

Are you a veterinarian looking for a full-time or part-time job or partnership?

Vet Emergency is always on the lookout for new candidates willing to take up the veterinary emergency challenge and can offer several jobs and working arrangements.

As emergencies can occur at all hours of the day and the animal is often in a life-threatening condition, Vet Emergency has to be able to respond quickly 24/7. As a result, we are equipped with ambulances and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

As an emergency vet, you will work in 4-to-10 hour slots according to your wishes, and will intervene at customers’ homes. Since each intervention is different and requires a thorough diagnosis of the animal, there’s no room for routine.




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Flexible working arrangements

Working for Vet Emergency can start with a very flexible schedule, from 4h/week to a full-time job. There’s also the possibility to increase the frequency of shifts depending on your wishes and a schedule will be proposed accordingly.


When joining our team, you will receive specialized training in handling veterinary emergencies and you will be coached by a member of our team during your first visits.

Available equipment

We provide you with all the state-of-the-art veterinary equipment you will need for your interventions (drugs, blood analysers, ultrasound scanner, etc.).

Gaining experience

As you will be dealing with a large variety of cases, this will help you to further develop and hone your veterinary skills. After all, experience is priceless.

No exclusiveness

Given your flexible schedule, you can pursue different side projects at the same time. We do not require exclusivity, so you can work both for us and for any other practice or clinic.

Permanent coaching

An experienced on-call veterinarian is available 24/7 to answer your questions or give you advice if you encounter difficulties during one of your interventions.

Veterinary ambulances

As an emergency vet, you can take the wheel of one of our animal ambulances. They are equipped with a separate compartment for transporting animals and with stretchers, cages and oxygen concentrators.

A tight-knit team

Vet Emergency is first and foremost a team! We welcome you with open arms into our close-knit, dedicated and strongly value-driven team. Teambuilding sessions, team dinners, Christmas parties and training days are all part of our offer.

Send us your application!

Our recruiting procedure is quick and transparent: please start with the form below. We are always looking for new people!


To apply, please fill out the form on this page and attach your CV.

Phone call

A person in charge will contact you to discuss your project and provide more information about the vacancy.


Please come and visit us in our office for a technical and motivational interview.

Immersion day

Before committing yourself and in order to get a good idea of the job, you will be invited to spend one day with a Vet Emergency veterinarian.


  • Veterinary degree
  • Veterinary Order registration number
  • Some years of experience are a plus, but not a discriminating criterion. If you are a recent graduate, your application will be given equal consideration.
  • Exceptional knowledge of veterinary medical theory
  • Independent, resourceful and ready to take on challenges

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