Need advice?
Chat with a veterinarian in just a few minutes.

👩‍⚕️ The teleadvice takes the form of a WhatsApp conversation with a veterinarian. You can ask all your questions, send photos or videos. 

🕣 The service is available weekdays (9.30am-11pm), Saturdays (10am-6pm) and Sundays (10am-9pm). Response within 60 minutes.

🏷️ The cost of a teleadvice session is 15€.

⚠️ In the payment form, be sure to indicate a phone number linked to WhatsApp.

☝️ Note : The teleadvice does not replace a physical consultation. The veterinarian will not be able to make a diagnosis or to issue prescriptions.

🚑 If the vet deems it necessary, he may recommend a consultation at a practice or with an emergency service.

💰 If, after the teleadvice, you require a home intervention from Vet Emergency, the cost of the teleadvice will be deducted from your bill.